View Full Version : EVE Legion - new MMOFPS from CCP

So, hey, remember that whole 'DUST 514' thing that was going to be great, but then CCP decided to make it a PS3 exclusive, forever handicapping it and dooming it to irrelevancy?

Well, they've finally woken up from their self-induced coma and are doing a non-retarded thing.

Are they redesigning it for PC because it flopped on PS3?
That's honestly the only way I see it.

Not so much that it flopped, it's actually making them money.. it has just stagnated and they can't develop it in the direction they've wanted to go all along because they're hamstrung by the PS3 being outdated junk.

I've been saying this since day one but I guess it took CCP five years to realize it.

I went over to the Dust forums, and a lot of people are (to put it lightly) upset about this.

To be honest I also don't know why they made Dust 514 a PS3 exclusive. I guess they were just trying something new that didn't entirely work out like you said.
They say it's being redesigned from the ground up, but if it's an MMOFPS, are we talking like Planetside 2 level?
6000 players per server / 2000 players per map? I mean, maybe not on that scale but something similar?