View Full Version : Skeptical on buying a Wii U

I love Nintendo and their IP's. I don't want to ridicule the Wii U or say that it isn't a respectable console like PS4/X1 are. I just feel like after buying a 3DS and being underwhelmed by it, it makes me want to put off purchasing a Wii U even more.

The 3DS had numerous appealing games I was interested in. None of them were groundbreaking or amazing. Just very good. Or one of many great games. But it lacked new IP's and overall new experiences.

This is the same problem I'm having with the Wii U (I've tried it over a friend's house).

Wind Waker HD is a great game but it's still a port.
Pikmin 3 is a great game but it's really similar to previous entries.
Tropical Freeze is a great game but it hasn't evolved much from previous entries.
New Super Mario Bros U is fun, but again, I've played games like it many times before.
And Mario 3D World is cool but the multiplayer is surprisingly boring.

I would definitely pick up these games,but they in themselves aren't a selling point.
I'm a huge Zelda fan and waiting on Zelda-U but seeing as Nintendo releases their games at IV-drip speed, Wii U is something I'll ultimately want but probably put off.

I'm pretty much with you here. I want to play a lot of the games, but I'm not sure if the few games I want to play are worth buying the console for.
God, I wish I could just play them on my Xbox, lol.

To be honest the only way I ever see myself buying the Wii U, is if there is some kind of pricing error somewhere and I end up taking advantage of it.
Especially now with the PS4 and Xbox One out, I'm too invested in all those other games to throw away another few hundred dollars on something I won't be playing much.

SSBU might be decent, though I'm not sure after Brawl. Dunno about Zelda U either - hoping it perfects Skyward Sword's motion controls but they will probably go wi the more boring Upad interface. Suda51 said he'd wait for the WiiU if he decided to make No More Heroes 3 but at the moment he's working on a PS4 game.

The only really appealing thing to me now is Wind Waker HD as the original is my favorite game. Is nice to finally have Nintendo IPs in HD but otherwise it's not as great as the Wii sounded when first released with revolutionary motion controls. That with lack of third party support and barely any VC games it just doesn't seem like it's necessary. Even so, the others impress me even less with barely any promising first party titles and things like kinect. Overall I don't like where gaming is headed.

Zelda U announcement at E3. It's coming, and Sony and MS should prepare to receive a rape. Zelda U will skyrocket sales.