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So this month the free game on XBL is called Dust.

At first I looked at the screenshots on xbox and to be honest I thought it looked wack.
However after getting bored of my other games I decided I may as well give it a try, it's free after all.

Moments later I was hooked.

My personal review:
Gameplay: 10 - This is really addictive and fun for all ages. The boss battles should be more challenging but if you play the game on one of the harder difficulties it all changes. For a hack and slash game it's a solid game and clocks about 15-20 hours.

Controls: 9 - The movement is fluid and responsive and the controls are easy to learn. You will probably be able to complete this game by mashing buttons (X and Y attacks) but if you learn the right style and tricks, you can reach combos that go over 1,000 and just look intense on your screen. You can't sprint but it doesn't feel like you need to since you have a dash (RT, LT) which moves you at a faster pace. A double-jump ability would have made the controls better.

Graphics: 9 - This game is beautiful in my opinion, I see around this forum people always want fancy realistic graphics, but it's really good to go back to cartoon-style arcade platforming gameplay. Oh, and your character looks BADASS.

Story: 10 - This game feels like you're following an anime movie, the dialog is clever and well written with a few comical moments from your companion fidget, whilst maintaining a serious and interesting story line. Basically you've woke up in a forest and don't know who you are so you go on a journey of re-discovery.

Yessir, it is indeed an awesome game. Finally Xbox gives me a GOOD free game (besides the ones I already had like Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, etc).

I feel that, every good game that has released free I've already had.

Rumor says Saints Row 3 is next, which isn't bad but yeah I've completed it http://gtaforums.com/public/style_emoticons/default/confused.gif