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Dear All,

1. I asked a similar question recently on Apple Forum here.
2. I personally understand perhaps the reasoning, not to debate here. It does pose certain challenge in certain scenario. Just need to know more basis due to future work area deployment. If you need to ask, I only have one Windows 8 computer at work now and I have never touched that unit from start because the user is particularly sensitive towards that computer.

3. For Windows 8.1 (completely new device), is normal system /application software updates going through App Store? Do you need to enter credit card number in order to complete the update process? Or is it very similar to normal Windows 7 style traditional Windows Update?

To update Win 8 to 8.1 you go through windows store, no credit card.

Win 8.1 updates go through Windows Updates.

Hi, Thanks for the concise answers.

1. Apparently there is no available separate file update (ala normal service pack) for Windows 8 to 8.1. Users need to go through App Store.

2. Based on this, tentatively
2.1 Microsoft Windows 8 needs fast Internet pipe for point release, no credit card needed
2.2 Apple wants fast Internet pipe and credit card for all, preferably. gift card an option for some countries. (gift card is not universally available)

2.x The microsoft scenario is considerable because it involves a lot of people. work deployment with many Windows 8 machine? Obviously Microsoft has the option of altering arrangement later, but no sure.

3 Users with no fast Internet pipe and/or no credit card?

4. Google made the choice of only updating Nexus-line for consistency. ChromeOS is relatively speaking updated more consistently from Google. It does require clients to switch to mostly web-based work setup.

5. the comment here is because now that 8.1 is released, future works weight on relying on Windows 7, roll forward to 8.1, wait for 9, or else other scenario. (for example, preparing to replace XP machines). Hence the research. I usually roll with whatever flavor of the current scene, but currently there is a lot of fluctuation.

Your use of numbered points confuses me.

If you want to clean install 8.1, or upgrade Win8 to 8.1, without downloading the entire thing every time, you can get an ISO. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/overcome-windows-8-1-upgrade-errors-with-a-legal-iso-download/

I have absolutely no idea if you expected responses to anything else you said.

1. If I have Windows 8 now. I need to download 8.1 from Windows Store. If I have 100 machines, that's 100 times download.
2. If I deploy Windows 8.1 new machines. Obviously I do not need to update to 8.1. However, maybe there will be time for 8.2, and then I will have to download 8.2 update from Windows Store. If I have 100 Windows 8.1 machines, I will need to download 100 times from Windows Store for the 8.2 updates (if exists)

3. Major point release file size is usually fairly large. The bandwidth demand is there.
4. I am looking at XP machines replacement scenario. Honestly there were requests for Macintosh as well. But the credit card scenario makes it difficult as nobody is willing to substantiate personal credit card for work computers. At least Microsoft has not demanded credit card yet.
5. iPad is however still viable as it seems Apple-ID with no credit card can still receive general iOS updates. But I need to cross-check again.