View Full Version : Does win 7 get sluggish after a while?

I noticed start times and all around snappiness has gotten sluggish over time. I've been on the same install for almost 2 years

I clean her and check for viruses around twice a month

All drivers are up to date to.

Is it time for a fresh win 7 install?

I'd really like to avoid it..nothing irks me more than having to reinstall software and set everything up again.

I've never really noticed this issue with Windows 7. All previous versions of Windows definitely (except maybe Vista).

f you have a mechanical hard drive, fragmentation or simply just the partition filling up can slow down data access. I wouldn't reinstall since that's not really a problem with Windows itself.

You can of course remove any extraneous programs, particularly ones which add startup items or services. Free up as much partition space as possible and run a defrag.

Maybe I'm one of the strange people who never felt the need reinstall, or experienced sluggishness with an aging OS. Not even in the XP days.

I wouldn't. I used to reformat every six months or so, until I discovered that it just isn't necessary anymore from Windows 7-onward (at least, as far as doing it for just general speedup/maintenance). I haven't reformatted in almost 3 years, and my startup is still as snappy as ever.

The clincher: Startup programs and services (and those running in background).

You need to use a utility to see everything that's starting up and being run in the background, choking your machine. I wager this is what the culprit is. A free tool that expansively shows anything/everything that's starting up, organized into startup locations and methods:


CCleaner also has a startup-manager. Revo Uninstaller also has one. I actually use the Revo Uninstaller autoruns manager as my main go-to manager, and I'll check to see what all is starting up every couple weeks. There is nearly ALWAYS some new "rogue" program or service that's been snuck in there, and pretty much always from "official" software -- e.g., Skype injecting its startup garbage whether it was unselected or not on install, iTunes starting up multiple "helper" services, updater services (like Adobe's multiple ones) etc.

So try that first -- use an autorun manager, uncheck the bulk of non-OS programs and services starting up, and see if that makes any difference.