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Hello world.

Lets keep the intro short. Was once a fan of Gen[M]ay and learned about all the wonderful antics everyone has participated in. I've been tinkering with computers for a decade and I've come across a pretty crappy problem...

I've got a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit machine I built for a client. Loaded Windows 7, a couple essential drivers (video, motherboard, network), and then passed the computer on to a slightly over-eager client waiting to replace his dinosaur machine before it had a chance to finally kick the bucket. I didn't have a chance to properly burn the machine running Windows Update and all driver installs.

The night passes, and another talented individual I know arrives to transfer information from the old computer to the new one. The client purchases a new HP laserjet printer and the talented individual performs the installation.

Currently, the client experiences a problem where print jobs lock up in the spooler. They display as 'printing' in the spooler but the printer sits idle. The printer is attached directly via USB. Upon shutting down Windows to reboot the computer, Windows will proceed to the 'Shutting Down' screen, but never actually power off. Upon hard resetting the computer, Windows boots and the locked print jobs print...

I've removed and re-installed printer drivers (and will do it again). I've checked the ram timings, I checked the Powerdownaftershutdown registry key, and set it to 1. I've had the client replace usb cables and other peripheral cables. I have NOT tried another printer on the computer, or the printer on another computer. The client wishes that I not remove the computer from it's operating environment.

Aside from the printing problems, I have not experienced any issues shutting down Windows. I have not been able to re-create the problem myself. The computer has been operating for about a month now with no other troubling symptoms.

I'm simply wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issues with a printing in a Windows 7 64-bit environment, and what they may have done to resolve it. I'm not expecting a one-solves-all answer. I'm mostly concerned with isolating this to software and not the hardware I assembled for the client.

Have you tried going Office Space on the printer?

In seriousness, I haven't had problems other than crappy software from printer manufacturers. Are you using vendor-specific software for the printer, or windows generic? Whichever one you've tried, I'd try the other (completely remove drivers in between).

Anything showing up in event viewer logs?

Did you install the full featured software suite, or just the drivers? HP software can be problematic at times and I normally avoid the full feature install if I can.

Check for firmware update on the printer.

That's pretty much where I'm at as far as the drivers are concerned.

The client is in a state where he thinks he'll have to buy another computer....completely neglecting the fact that he could just buy a new, different PRINTER...

so the IT saga continues...