View Full Version : Windows 7 Genuine Authentication Fails, but Browser says im Good?

So I had a recent PC crash and have reformatted and reinstalled my Windows 7 SP1 OS

Problem I am having is that after installing SP1, I am going to Computer..Properties and clicking on 'Activate Windows Now', but it is failing with the message "The product key you typed cannot be used to activate Windows on this computer"

So I tried to go thru the browser to use the Genuine Advantage Active X tool... and it says I am Genuine! It even takes me to the Windows security essentials page with a banner saying "Because Windows installed on your PC is genuine, enjoy the security, reliability and protection it provides."

Do I have to give a phone call to India or has anyone ever come heard of a fix for this?

Just use the phone option. It's an automated system. You type in 6 or 8 blocks of numbers, it asks you how many PCs the copy is installed on, you answer, and it reads you back a bunch more blocks of numbers. Takes 5 minutes.

You're not activated if it does not say you are in the System Properties page.

Arch's advice is the way to go. I have a Windows 7 key that started doing this once after using it. Every time I reinstall using that key I have to phone in.

The phone option takes 5 minutes and its all automated. I would just do that.

You can run the Windows 7 'Upgrade' to go backwards? Does it dump 8.1 into windows.old?