View Full Version : Now that we have the boot to desktop option. Are you using windows 8.1?

Frankly, there are a lot of things I'm hearing about 8.1 that's pushing me to stay on 8 at the moment.

Of course for obvious reasons I don't like 8 as many others, but the Skydrive ingratiation of 8.1 requiring using a Microsoft account to log onto my computer did it for me. Microsoft could of allowed you to use a local account and sign into Skydrive separately, but no, they don't. It actually is a little insulting to me. The only reason I can think of that they make you do this is because they think people are too stupid to know to log into Skydrive separately, like you had to do with 7 and 8. The idea that Skydrive is more "tightly" integrated is a BS excuse. That only thing different is that it's included out of the box.

boot to desktop is a major step in the right direction...but a real Start Menu is still needed and not this pseudo Start butoon which only takes you to the Metro interface...one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

Well, I'm *using* 8.1, though whether I like it or not is debatable. I've used Start8 forever now so I could always boot straight to desktop and have a proper start menu, so none of that bothered me before or now. So 8.1 pretty much doesn't do anything for me except now I have an annoying "Secureboot isn't configured correctly" watermark, and my Intel HD 4600 doesn't work anymore on my second monitor, so that's no fun.

Its funny, it used to be that you paid for a Windows license and then added whatever you needed. It used to be that all the crapware and trialware that came with OEM PC's could be cleansed by a clean install of Windows. Now the crapware is Windows itself. Now you pay for a Windows license but you're looking at ads in default apps and default search as you're trying to fight your way back out of the box Microsoft's marketing department is trying to herd everyone into because they think it will be an easy shortcut to gaining share in other markets like mobile and online services in which they're far less relevant. If they want desktop users on their me-too online services that bad they should really reduce or eliminate the upfront Windows cost. I'm sure that'll be their next brilliant maneuver once they've worn everyone's patience real thin and it won't make as much difference as it could now.

Given their clear Windows roadmap of phasing out the desktop and Win32 and full steam ahead for walled, locked down tablet OS, its starting to look like Windows 8.0 will be the last Windows I'll ever use. We had some good times, MS.