View Full Version : Be care I just got a call my system has been hacked.

I know it wasn't Microsoft since I know they would NEVER call and would not know if your system was hacked. Guy knew my wife's name and asked for me. Big Mistake on their part. I am no push over and knew it was a scam. I said how did you know my system has been hacked? Never got a straight answer and they want me to allow them on the computer to fix it. Microsoft through their forums has similar people having same call. The called back again insisting that I have been hacked? Be careful its hoax to get you to give them access to your computer.

Just though pass it on to let people know that people will try anything to get your data.

Really ticks me off they tried when I told them I was A+ certified they still would not back off and keep insisting I had been hacked.

Whoever it was they are complete losers and I can't be had that easy.

idk man, kinda sounds like you have the trololol virus. pm me your ip address and login info and i'll be happy to check it out for you.

My father received a similar call about a month ago. Luckily, I happened to be there and he handed me the phone. The guy on the phone identified himself as "Jack Cooper" with a thick accent and said he worked for "Windows." I asked "Where are you calling from 'Jack'?" and he replied "Denver. I work for Windows and your computer is leaking information onto the Internet. I need for you to sit in front of the computer so I can guide you on how to stop the leak."

haha i like that idea 5tharrow. yeah if this guy calls my parents they are screwed. i'll warn them when i see them on thursday. practice safe computering everyone!