View Full Version : End of mainstream Windows 7 support

Mainstream support for Windows 7 will end roughly one year from now, in January 2015. I want to know whether this fact will influence (or has already influenced) your decision to stay with Windows 7 or not. Will you upgrade to Windows 8.1 within the next year just to stay current?

Isn't that date for non SP1?

fuck that, if they don't pull their head out with win 9 I will be migrating to linux

Best thing to do is to switch to a rolling Linux distro and never worry about end of lifetime operating systems.

Microsoft might be shooting itself in the foot with this, with so many not liking Windows 8, at least on the desktop.

I personally find nothing superior about Windows 8/8.1 over Windows 7, even with the half-assed attempt by Microsoft to make DX 11.2 (and probably future versions) 8/8.1 only.

The half-assed attempt with the start menu just solidified my skipping a generation. Despite the numerous third-party tools to alleviate that issue there is something I just dislike about it. The Explorer window just looks like a clusterfuck for no good reason.

Anywho, they aren't ending support for Windows 7 even if it was SP1 in 2015. Just isn't going to happen. I'd say 2017 would be the earliest serious attempt they could try with that.