View Full Version : Not enough quota is available to process this command along with other odd errors.

a user was having issues opening files and would typically receive these errors:

Not enough quota is available to process this command. (main one)

Not being able to open or save attachments.

There has been a network or file permission error. The network connection may be lost.

The document could not be saved. A file I/O error has occured. (Adobe)

I wiped his machine, reinstalled windows, added more ram, increased the page file and he is still having issues. His documents and desktop are redirected folders that are stored on our server 2008 box. What could be causing this? Offline files?

So he is the only one having these issues accessing files on that particular server?
What OS?
Is offline files enabled, and he has a large redirected my documents?
May try increasing the offline file space.

he is the only one yes.

windows 7

i will check on your suggestion.

Depending on how the redirected folders are set up, he may be exceeding the max path limit, or he may need a fully qualified path statement to access those files reliably. He needs to be on Win7 Pro to avoid/manage any UAC issues.

Do you have the Offline Files service disabled?

If so, you'll need to re-enable & start it. After that, disable Offline Files through the control panel.