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Hey guys,

I have been trying to rectify a problem that has been starting to cause some more trouble than usual.

I am running a win7 x64 ultimate machine i built back in the summer, and what is causing the BSOD is not a mystery. Spending lots of quality time with google and bluescreen viewer has revealed that ntoskrnl.exe is the culprit. I have ran memory checks, and my hardware is fine. I have not submitted my .dmp files to have them analyzed, and I still plan on doing that.

Windows update is what I believe has corrupted ntoskrnl.exe and has left me in a pickle. This is a presentation computer, recording station and host for an IP camera surveillance system. My hardware is rock solid and not overclocked, and there is no question if the pc is up to these tasks. But, when I get a random BSOD caused by this corrupt yet critically important file, it compromises several areas between media hosting and surveillance recording stability are required. Not really worried about leaving the computer on all the time, its on a massive battery backup with a Furman PL8-C.
Here is my hardware:
-Core i7 4770k
-Gigabyte G1 Sniper M5
-16GB Corsair Dominator, supported by Gigabyte and configured properly.
-240GB Sandist Extreme II
-Asus DVD R/RW
-Geforce 770GTX

It might be important to note that my audio device is a USB 2.0 Focusrite interface, onboard audio is disabled.

I researched an option where one is able to do a repair install with minimal need to have stuff fixed once done, but as I have an oem disc supplied by a local computer shop ( we did buy it with a liscense btw) I don't think that is an option.

If anyone has any suggestions where I go from here trying to repair the ntoskrnl.exe issue without reinstalling windows completely ( will have to reinstall video insight, ableton live, and all my finnicky plugins) that would be super.

Bad SSD or bad PSU inmy opinion

You should PROBABLY start by posting your BSOD screenshot or event log entry.

What is your PSU?

Have you tried reinstalling Windows? Ran SFC command??

Would have posted that info seanmcd, but I'm a new member here and I didnt want to overwhelm. Check the bottom of this post for bluescreenviewer screenshot. I can keep them coming jsut let me know what you need.

PSU- Seasonic MI12 650w

Have reinstalled windows with no peripherals attached, operated windows with no/ minimum peripherals attached.

I have run SFC. sfc /SCANNOW in an administrator prompt. Came back clean.
I finally got my diskstation configured, so i can sync my files and not really worry about reinstalling windows again. It is important to know that even though this is wrong to do, when i reinstalled i did not format but allowed used the whole windows/ windows.old option b/c at the time i had some finnicky plugins that were hard to register i tried to save, for my Ableton Live software.