View Full Version : MS Outlook 2007 not saving new password

I've just changed the password to my e-mail address thru the server website. I have changed it on MS Outlook by going to tools > account settings > selecting the e-mail account > and clicking change. However, the new password will not save. I have entered the new password correctly multiple times and made sure "remember password" is saved. I can still login thru the server website.

I am running MS Outlook 2007 on Windows XP.

Thanks in advance! :)

Are you running MS Office, with Outlook as part of Office...or are you running the standalone version of Outlook?

You might want to try repairing Outlook: http://www.ehow.com/how_5869863_repair-microsoft-outlook-2007.html

Who is your email provider? If it's cloud-based, you may have to delete the existing account/profile and recreate it. The existing emails in your email account should sync back down to Outlook once you've done this.

I should add that if the repair doesn't work, and you do decide to delete the account, you'll want to back up the .pst file just in case the emails don't sync back down: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/287070 and scroll down to "How to export .pst file data".

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I disagree with running a repair; there is an easier way that has a high success rate. Going into mail properties via Control Panel (make sure Outlook is closed and the service isn't running); make a new Outlook profile with all the email settings and etc. Then test it. If successful, then you have two choices for the previous PST: import or just setup a pointer to open that one as well. Also a PST can be part of the problem; usually caused by a very large PST. No matter what version, I am a strong believer to do your best to keep your PST(s) no larger than 1GB each EVEN THOUGH MS says you can have them much larger on newer version. IMHO that is putting too many eggs in one basket for if that files goes so does everything in it.