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I was trying to download an app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it said I have insufficient storage space. So I uninstalled a few apps but the available space on my device stayed the same and I still can't install the app. When I view my device storage, it tells me my total space is 8.00GB and my available space is 131MB. The other details (space taken by applications, pictures/videos, audio, etc.) just say "Calculating..." and have been for the last 15 minutes. I can't install anything and I don't know what else to do.

Your memory card is one space, the onboard area another. With the space onboard so low, that Calculating may never come back.

You didn't reveal exactly which Galaxy Tab so I can't guess if you can add another memory card. My model SM-T3100MKAXAC for example has 16GB onboard which gives me a bunch of space.

Here's a generic article about clearing Andorid cache space.

Android 4.1.2 looks pretty old. What is this model?

My model number is SCH-I915


It seems that without a third-party app you can't clear the cache of all applications on anything earlier than version 4.2 (which my device is). Unfortunately, I'm in a catch 22 because I need to download an app to clear my cache, but I need to clear my cache so that I have enough space to download this app (and as I said, uninstalling apps doesn't seem to clear up space)

You know how my storage kept saying "Calculating..."? Well if I go to an application in the application manager, the cache says "Computing..." and it won't let me press the button that says "Clear Cache." It does this with all of my apps.