View Full Version : 1mobile market install issue

I need some help with this issue.
This may sound like antique news to a lot of yall, but I just learnt i could install a third-party software that'll give me access to android apps, hence, the 1mobile market.
After downloading it to my BB Z10 , i clicked to install, and the next page that showed was a permissions page to allow the 1mobile market app have access and be able to use my phone camera, get a copy of my documents and other files saved in a remote site, etc, which i absolutely didn't like, and so i refused to continue the installation. Pls what do i do about this?

i want to have some android apps on my BB and not bother about buying an android phone for now.
Is there a way to install this app without it having access to these files?
Are there better APK app stores i could install, that wouldn't ask for these sensitive permissions and still work as good?
Your accurate answers would be of massive help.

As to what else to do, please continue to not install apps that go too far on permissions.

HOWEVER WHY NOT THE CAMERA? Some apps use that to scan the QR code to find the app. That's a cool feature.