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Just wondering if this might work?
I get emails from trusted friends, but they usually send me emails that have been forwarded to many other people. Sometimes, an attachment is involved.

Is it possible for my system to get infected with a virus because of these forwards? I know attachments are risky.

I want to be able to communicate with my friends, but don't want to risk harming my system. I'm wondering if I tell them to copy+paste something before sending it to me, will my system be safer?

Thank you

Attachments are always risky.
When you get an attachment, save it to your harddrive, and scan it with a up to date Antivirus program, before opening it.
This will greatly reduce the chance of infection.

I always Copy/Paste an E-mail that has several forwards on it.
I hate getting E-mails like that, so I don't send them that way.

It is simply good policy not to carelessly or automatically forward E-mails that have been forwarded to YOU---the sending address may be forged, and not all ISPs rigorously scan E-mails for viruses---, and even sounder policy to take responsibility to assure that any attachment included is virus-free before in turn sending it to others.

The attachment part is my main concern as that's where so many viruses come from.
I am running a program called MailWasher Pro that scans+holds my emails before I process them to read. I also run AVG Free.
Does this mean that the attachments sent to me are now deemed "clean"/safe?
I know I don't want my system infected nor do I want to infect anyone else.
I looked thru the tutorials here, but didn't see anything specific to my query.
Can someone redirect me?

Right click on the AVG Free Edition Icon in the system tray, then click on Launch AVG Control Center.
The Security Status page will indicate with a green check mark beside the E-mail Scanner that it is Fully Functional to Scan Incoming and Outgoing Mail.
So now your forwarded e-mail has been scanned coming and going by AVG.