View Full Version : Can Send, But Not Receive Email In Oe

When I open Mail Washer I get a message, "The POP3 server does not appear to conform to the POP3 protocol. The connection was intentionally closed by the server before the session was completed."

When I open OE and click Send/Receive it connects, authorizes, checks, and says "No New Messages".

The ISP is configured for Webmail so we can check email away from home. When I go there I get an error message.
I tried Telnet and IE says it can't open the page.

I disconnected my firewall, tried all of the above and got the same results.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled Mail Washer and OE. Same results.

Joe A.TT
My ISP says the problem must be in my setup because POP3 is working for everybody else.
What setup? My username and password don't trip any alarms. What else is there to my setup?

I hate to think how much email has piled up on the server.

When you attempt to view your E-mail on the Internet, what error message do you get?

Have you verified that everything in your OE account for the provider is correct?