View Full Version : Child Porn / Illegal Mp3's Downloading.

With recent events of the UK TV actor (Langham or whatever his name is) being caught for downloading child porn, it has made me wonder how it is that they get caught. Is it because they sign up to pedo sites in their real name and get caught downloading their filth by undercover police webmasters? I find that hard to believe as although screwed up as they are, the people caught are often intelligent and with good jobs.
So where do they download this bleep from (don't actually mention any sources) and how are they traced?

What I'm thinking is that if you use Lime wire or a bit torrent to get MP3's you don't pay for as millions do, how come they don't get caught and prosecuted? Or is that undetectable?
As you have probably gathered, I don't know didley about this stuff but it would be interesting to find out. I think allot of us assume we are anonymous on the internet if we want to be but it would appear otherwise.

I'm glad though that these beasts are being caught, don't get me wrong. I just think we have a right to know if we are being watched or could be being watched.

They Probably told someone by accident..... Or since those entertainment shows put spy programs on famous people's computers.... Ok I don't think they don't do that......

I think the vast majority of pedos wind up being caught because someone physically saw something on their hard drive. A wife, a colleague, and computer repair person, etc.

More infrequently, they are dumb enough to purchase on-line child porn with their credit card. When the sites are busted, the police can trace back the credit card numbers.

I suppose any pedophiles who are somewhat computer savvy would not get caught, because they are smart enough to use proxies, don't communicate with undercover child porn investigators on chat rooms, and just try to remain as anonymous as possible. Like most criminals...it's the dumb ones who get caught the most.

Their is a huge push to regulate the internet because of nefarious users, like pedophiles, scam artists, and identity thieves, etc.

Hassling service providers to provide client data and turning the web into a police state is not the answer IMHO, but there is a balance to maintain, I suppose.

Most pedos are nabbed through their own stupidity, laziness, and complacency. More often than not, by accidental discovery. Just like most other criminals.

From what I understand, most of the countries with lax child porn laws (eastern Europe, south east Asia, Russia, etc.) have begun to crack down on internet child porn producers. I don't think you can completely eliminate it, but you can try your best to make it more and more difficult for these people to do business. Although I am not sure that creating more laws, or infringing on people's civil liberties is the way to go. If the NSA and the CIA got involved in busting pedophiles, it would be easier, but they are more concerned with terrorism, and bank fraud.