View Full Version : My Gmail's Standard View Doesn't Work On Firefox

After last night, I'm kinda confused, Gmail suddenly stopped working in standard view and it constantly keeps going to html mode, despite me pressing "switch to standard view" over an over (it just keeps viewing/going back to html mode).

I'm using Mozilla FireFox and I haven't been messing around with the settings lately but can anyone help me please?

Also, it does work in IE if anyone wants to know (don't know if that's relevant to anything).

I'm also in college if that makes any difference as well (it's worked when I got here, I don't know why it doesn't work now).

I am using Kaspersky internet security, if that as well makes any difference to it (worked just fine before, don't know why not now).

Under javascript, the first and third options are ticked, I haven't messed around with that at all.

I have cleared all my private data except passwords, rebooted my computer, reinstalled firefox and now I'm stuck on what else I could do.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Try going to this link in your Ff browser and see if that corrects the problem.

I've had some switching on one of my gmail accounts - back and forth between standard mode with and without chat.

Using that link resets me.

I just tried the link, it works in the way that I can view standard mode again, but even though I can view it, it's still stubborn and won't change back to just staying as standard view default or something like that.

Anyone have any more tips on how to fix this problem?

Hi, bump, something, please.

Sorry, but I'm still experiencing this problem, most recently I've tried doing start -> run -> "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -no-remote -p and have found out if I make a new profile I can view gmail standard view once again.

I know this is some sort of solution to my problem, but then again this may only bandaid the problem, does anyone know why I can't make my current profile view standard mode anymore?

Can't anyone help me figure this out?

Yes I'm really bothered by it that's why I won't let up.

Also, I've just discovered for forums, I can no longer click "bold" or "italics" or any of the smilies anymore, I think this has to do with the same problem...

Help please?