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Can't delete messages in Outlook Express 6 with XP. Hitting DELETE has absolutely no response - no message or anything. SHIFT-DELETE works. I tried completely reinstalling Internet Explorer 7 and Outlook Express with the same result. This is occurring concurrent with intermittently not being able to receive any messages - "encountered unknown error" - see previous posts and responses on this topic. Any ideas would be appreciated http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif

Sometimes that can happen if the Deleted Items folder is damaged.

Move all messages you might want to keep out of the Deleted Items folder and into another mail folder you create. Close OE, then delete the file Deleted Items.dbx in your Identity's store folder.
OE will create a new one when you re-open OE.

This tip worked. However, when I send a test message FROM this computer TO this same computer, it goes straight into the DELETED ITEMS folder now. Since this is a friend's computer I support, I'm not sure if it always acted this way. But if not, I would appreciate hearing how this odd behavior might be corrected. Thanks!

Is the test message sending but when received not coming to the Inbox and going directly to deleted?

Or is this what you're talking about?

"Save a copy of sent messages to the Sent folder" should be checked in OE options if you want copies of all messages sent.

The test messages never go into the Inbox, and instead go directly into Deleted. Thanks.