View Full Version : Application Updates Can't Connect?!

I had problems of mine solved here! im so glad i can ask professionals to help me! please help me with this one!
i got over paranoid one time when i had viruses invade my pc thru a flashdrive..
i installed kaspersky internet suite 7 and everything was fine again..

but i think i accidentally disabled yahoo! messenger from connecting to the internet..
and now, i can't connect at all! i also have itunes, spyware blaster, etc and they can't connect too for updates!
i don't really know what i can do to reverse the effect again..
i can browse alright with my firefox, i can do everything, but i can't seem to connect my yahoo messenger..

i tried uninstalling it, and when i reinstalled it, it says it couldn't connect.. its really bothersome.
please do guide me to how i can undo my mistake of not allowing its connection, i just didn't want a possible backdoor or worm to invade, that's why i refused connections to the internet!

It sounds like a firewall problem. Have you tried turning off the firewall temporarily and then running the update?? Also, try this