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Hi Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this question. Here it goes.

I have had some artwork done in the forms of a letterhead, drop cap and ornate signature. I planned to use this in a letter I was going to write in word 2003 or Open Office. The problem I have is that they are pdf files and when I converted them for use with word the quality was reduced. I also have the original vector eps files.

I either need to find a way to convert the pdf files for use with word/open office without a reduction is quality or a pdf friendly programme that allows me to write my letter and use the files directly ( can't afford adobe and have tried AbelWord which didn't work out ).

Thanks for any help you can throw my way.

Hello, and Welcome

Try opening the EPS files in Open Office Draw. You can instert the graphics into a Open Office write document.

You can also try the 30 day demo of Foxit PDF editor. This would let you add text and edit images to the PDF, keeping the native PDF file.

On the rare occasions where I have needed to convert a PDF file to Word, there are converters that will do that. This one seems to be free. If not to your liking, you can find plenty of others with a Google search.