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What started you on your career in design? Was it a particular example of great design that made you think it would be great to be in this line of work? Or was it just your favourite subject at school?

I always enjoyed both art and design at school, and was never really sure which way I would go, as I was 50/50 between the two. I remember having to design our own personal logos in year 7 of school, and for the 12 logos I designed I got an A*, my first ever A at school. To this very day I still use the same logo, of the G and F combined! As the years went by I began to see myself having options for a job in design coming out of school, and in the future, something that I never saw myself doing with art.

I always had an interest in art and illutrations since I was young, which then became an interest in street art and graffiti. Started my first business Rebelo at the age of 17 and couldn't afford to pay a graphic design to create the promo material or the artworking charges at the screen printers so I got my hands on a copy of Adobe Illustrator and taught my self.

After a few requests to do bits and pieces for other people the design took over Rebelo so I went into business doing that.

I never set out to be a designer (and never even thought about website design) but these were both things I kind of had an interest in that I thought I would be able to do to make money. My main thing was also work for myself.

I could always draw ( yes, with objects called pencils) since I was about 3. I was doing portrait oil paintings at 12.
Wanted to be a Fine Art portait painter. Wanted to to a BA in fine art, did the 1 year Foundation course as required and found i hated 'fine art" as it was all experimental rubbish, not classical stuff. I enjoyed the 6 weeks in the graphic course and after failing to get into all the Uni's as I had an 'attitude' problem! I ended up getting a lucky job as a junior artist. I've seen the change from hand lettering, letraset, casting type off, magic markers to the first mac and the intoduction of the web. The thing that dissapoints me is the lack of natural design flair in designers now. Tools and software do not make you a designer. Ideas do.

I've always had an interest in art but was particularly fascinated with streetart and graffiti ever since I was a little kid.I just loved the raw energy of it and the fact that people risked their lives to create something with no rewards but recognition and self satisfaction. So I started drawing sketches and painting graffiti when I was about 14. I was then nicked a few times so I got bored of that http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png.

Then I discovered Photoshop and Illustrator when I was about 19 and fell in love instantly. I began doing graffiti inspired digital artwork and then I moved on to Web Design, Graphic Design and Photography. I still love graffiti and paint the odd legal wall, but I release most of my creative energy elsewhere nowadays http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png

Well, it was a couple of years ago, because I'm still only 17! http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png when i discovered Photoshop CS2. I didnt really know that much about it and created some pretty crap designs, but I loved it! I could always draw, and my mums an artist and Art teacher, So art wasnt a new thing for me. But i started into this thing called 'GFX' basically graphics and effects (I Think!) and went on forums and posted my stuff.. got mixed reviews from everyone, but then I found NSL (National Signature League) which is a forum with like 30,000 members great site. There I hanged out and because they can class you From Novice to Professional based on your skills and techniques (although it was ignoring the meaning of art it was great fun!) And for a couple of months I was moderate, and then started to improve, got Intermediate. I was stuck there forever!! But then I started to Digitally Paint using my mouse, Then I really liked it and got a Tablet. I then loved painting eagles and birds so I did a lot of these - Some below!