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I've done this for free yet the client isn't happy. They were worried people wouldn't know what business they were but I think it's obvious. And they said the "D" and "H" wouldn't print properly so would need to be solid colour but it's only a series of lines and not an effect so should be ok.

I thought it was a pretty good effort :icon_tongue_smilie: and worked for the company - what do you think the company do by looking at it?

Also after hours of effort they send me their image of what they think it should look like. Couldn't they have let me know at the start?:icon_Wall:

The D&H would print fine, depending on the background it was on so I don't know why they said that.

I think they are draftmen, maybe kitchen designers, basically a company that draw up plans??
Not completely sure though.

In terms of design I've seen alot worse, the main problem I have is that is looks quite old fashioned, 80's?
Also don't think the font works for 'Design Ltd' either

They are architectural designers. It is to represent a blueprint and the font is what they use on blueprints.