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Though I'd start another list and see what gems appear from everyone ( even pc branding!)
We are all of different levels of experience and knowledge in the design field. But what ONE thing has changed your thinking and made you either better, more enlightened, more driven, stimulated or just threw a complete spanner in the works and made you re-evaluate everything, rightly or wrongly.

Suppose I should confess first...

Getting fired ( actually got fired twice.. ) But that first time made me realise that I couldn't take anything for granted in this business and I'm only as good as my last piece of work. ( that 'last piece of work' many years ago was suitably shit - hence the P45).

While in new york on a family holiday I went to the Guggenheim museum - I've always drawn inspiration from architecture as I like things that are big, and contain textures and sub-textures and you can walk around, touch and feel. I also like the presentation of architecture.

Anyways back on point, That week the entire premises was devoted to the work of Zaha Hadid, A female architect from iraq who i'd never heard of... I went in anyway and instantly was amazed. Her sketches are similar to eric jordans (2advanced) in a futuristic, ideology kind of way - only somehow completely different.

Her architecture is fantastic (many many awards) and has since and probably always will be a huge source of inspiration for me.

Her sites crap, so i'll hotlink a few of my faves.

More driven - working for the Inland Revenue and the staff who had been there for 20+ years with no drive or interests, same crap work day in day out. It made me want to be in design more everyday that passed....

Threw a spanner - being told 3 months after getting my dream job that I was probably going to fail my probation. That was a massive kick up the bum, and now I appreciate everyday I am there.

For me it was a University project with my good friend Gary Fryatt (Gaz a member on DF), it was the first year of our Graphic Media course and it was the first project that was going to be set by people outside, ie. not the course tutors themselves. It was a project that was run by two senior designers from top London agencies, they set the project, judged our final proposal presentations and marked everyone's projects. Myself and Gary worked really hard on the project, put in a great presentation and concept, and went on to be joint winners with 95% and won a bottle of champagne for our efforts.

The presentation and feedback we got from the two senior designers was the best part as they seemed genuinely impressed by our concept and reasoning behind it, I felt inspired by this and it gave me the confidence to have greater belief in my own ideas http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png

Nothing builds or creates confidence better than winning. Sometimes we doubt our own ability so many times that we are are biggest enemy. A mark of champion is not how hard he hits but how he responds when he is hit hard. ( The Berry Burgess book of life in Advertising. volume 2 chapter 4.)