View Full Version : Things that really pissed you off at work.

Working with people can be the most irritating frustrating thing in the world. ( suppose that's why I was nicknamed 'Green Berry' because of my Hulk outbursts) But what small iritating habit did some work collegues have that you wanted to strangle them for?

I worked with a Studio Manager once who thought that all Macs in the agency were under his sole remit and power. We would come into work in the morning and he would have cleaned our Macs up and removed all but 12 standard fonts from Suitcase startup - he said we didn't need to keep open that many fonts. Times, Helvetica, Garamond, Mixage etc were good enough. Needless to say Green Berry proceeded to rip shirt off.

Mate - i'd have a list as long as the A19 - but i got to be respectful - everyone knows everyone round here!

Things like - bad file management really piss me off - when doing a collect for output in freehand - make a folder for fonts and a seperate one for images and a seperate folder for development and research work - one guy i worked with insisted on having one massive huge folder with no order - just files and files and files - idiot.

Oh - and someone else - who insisted on paginating every job they did - even tho 99% of all printers do it anyhow pre press !

Yeah got to agree with that one from previous experience! Along with not numbering the concept stages and saving the original stock image files when used!!

Now I work on my own I don't really get these problems! But if/when I do, I get even more annoyed as I have nobody else to moan at or blame it on http://www.graphicdesignforums.co.uk/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png

To a certain extent. But I think there exists an unwritten sanctuary on every forum like this. It's our 'code'. I understand your postition, tho I'm lucky as I can say what I want now, that position makes me push things a bit harder than i would if i had constraints. And that's the buzz i get - pushing and poking to improve other peoples thinking and empowerment. Stimulation and debate from afar.

Or renaming a downloaded low rez stock image and renaming from its numerical issue number to - Sad old lady backround7" - leave the original - rename a copy!

That happened a lot when i worked in one of my first jobs - my head hurt.

Theres far too many stock image websites out there.