View Full Version : SBS 2011 Remote Web Access Printing Issue

In our office we use Windows Small Business Server 2011 Remote Web Access.

One of our users is logging into their work PC using Laptop at home via Remote Web Access and everything is working fine however she is wanting to print to her printer at home attached to the laptop but can't do that. One way around it is by sending an e-mail form her work PC to her private e-mail with the files attached to print however this is very long winded.

I am wanting to know if there is a way to print to the home printer while logged into work PC via Remote Web Access?


do you have the exact same printer driver installed on the sbs as well as the home pc? the drivers have to be exactly the same to do remote printing.

I did something similar I wonder if it would work. We are using Remote Desktop so maybe you can get something out of this.

We had someone that connected remotely to a PC in Mexico and she wanted to print from the remote PC to a network printer here in our office. Computer was in Spanish too....that was fun navigating.

I'll post the steps for a network printer, hopefully you can get something out of it.

1) Go to Remote Desktop Connection Settings
- Local Resources Tab
- Check off printers
- Select 'More'
- Check off 'Ports'
- Back to 'General Tab' select 'Save'

- On the host go to “Start” and then to “Devices and Printers”.
- Select “Add a printer” at the top left.
- On the “Add Printer” window select “Add a local printer”.
- Select “Use an existing port” and then drop the list down to expose your available ports.
- You will see a long list of ports, many beginning with “TS”, which stands for terminal services. As you scroll through the list you will see a group of TS entries with the name of your remote client computer and the designation PRN followed by a number e.g. “TS001 (“client computername”: PRN1)”.
- Select one of these designated by the client computername as your printer port and proceed through the printer setup wizard using the driver you downloaded above.
- Must install .INF file

- Shut down remote session and open again.