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As a freelance it is important to promote yourself every once in a while. I have had the opportunity to get a serious amount of flyers printed to drop round to local business.

Thing is I am not sure what to put on them. I know it sounds odd by design all day normally to a brief lends itself to the content each item needs to contain. When doing it for yourself it seems a little harder.

Do I list all the things I can produce or do I simply design a nice flyer which has contact details on it and says something along the lines of Graphic Design and Web Design

YOur comments would be appreciated.

I think you should list the main services that you provide, people are stupid, make it clear exactly what you do.

Some sort of offer or incentive is always good too.

Thanks for the tip. I'll get cracking.

What Boss Hog said.

People are lazy so wont read a flyer packed with text so just list the stuff that you do day-in-day-out and that provides the bulk of your business.

That way, if someone comes to you for something a bit special, you can charge a bit more! :icon_biggrin: