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Full press release from the Museum of London can be seen here:
Museum of London - Museum of London takes on a new identity (http://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/English/AboutUs/Newsroom/Current/Museum+of+London+takes+on+a+new+identity.htm)

i saw this and quite like it. When i heard about the rebrand i feared it to be along the lines of The Olympic dabacle. This is pleasantly contemporary and fresh. I like the slab branding and that the branding on web echoes the original red slab logo. It therefore gives existing viewers a familiarity with the brand without alienting them from scratch. ( like the Olympics). Interesting how 'Old London and Red' is being slowly phased out. All we need now is a President of the UK. Sorry I forgot Simon Cowell has that job.

I was really keen on the combinations of colourways, of the two new museum ventures - Docklands & Archaeology and how they come together to form the main MOL logo of the branding. I'm looking forward to seeing how the roll out the new branding on everything from the signage to promotional literature.

It looks pretty, that's about it.

What is it? I don't get it, I can't really describe it.

I give it 2 years max, then it will be redone.

The original link I posted seems to be down temporarily, but I found this explanation on another site;