View Full Version : Starting a new job at Kall Kwik, any thoughts?

Just a quick message. I start at Kall Kwik as a printer/designer with 20% of the work will be actual design. I was told by the manager that the company is recognised by the design/print industry as a good company and will prove useful on the CV and work experience. Anyone members worked or have any thoughts about Kall Kwik?

Never heard of them to be honest, are they like Prontaprint?

've heard of Kall Kwik, and I think they're reputable in some places, but as far as I'm aware, they're only in selected places. I would say they're a very very very very miniture version of Printing.com...And yes, they are slightly like Prontaprint.

My only gripe about about this company is that when I telephoned for a couple of print examples, I was greeted my moaning, fussing and hesitance! Poor customer service basically!

Saying that though, a friend did a one-week work placement in the design section, and gave the impression that it was a good place to work!

I can't really see it being bad for your CV though, as long as you do some designing/printing, and can develop as many other skills as possible during your time there.

I know the name but don't know much about them. Was some bits in Print Week about legal issues / franchisees. May be worth a Google.

I believe they are digital only, could be wrong (usually am!).

wow, thanks for the quick replies. yeah its pretty much a high street printing shop with litho and digtal printers with two mac in the back for designing if need be. i worked in a hotel for 3 days last week busting my ball for next to nothing so im so glad i got this position.

To response of bad customer service, thats a universal thing, if people are grumpy and unhelpful then you know not to go back there again. These guys at the place im starting seem genuinely nice people.

They use QuarkXpress, so Ive got the trial version of Xpress 8. Any good tutorial or exercise website recommendations? I cant seem to find a website as good as the Tuts Plus site that is mostly Adobe CS.