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After looking through several posts, I am wondering which is the best application to replace MS Office. I have seen a few suggestions, still I see nothing that will completely replace MS Office. I use office Outlook, word, XL, and occasionally presentation and PPS.

Here are the three suggested, none of which can replace MS Office.

Open Office (Apache)

Libre Open Office

WPS Office Free

Is there a better application out there that is safe? I had problems with peripherals working after installing Libre Open Office and uninstalled it, using System Restore.

Or along with any of these recommendations is there an additional application that would provide the other MS Office functions?

All recommendations are considered and thanks for your help.

WPS Office Free would be my choice. I have found that files that choke on Libre or Open Office open fine in WPS. WPS seems to have the best compatibility with Microsoft Office.

Another topic, which I have been unable to re-locate, contained a link to WPS Office. I believe that link sent me to a bogas site and I ended up installing a virus. It came with an additional program to clean and speed up your pc. The reason I believe the link is the issue, because when I recovered from the virus's, and searched on wps office, it took me to a site list that seemed to take me directly to a website for wps.

When downloading any software from the web it is best to go to the original manufacturer's web-site, at least to start. You may be told they use a different web-site for downloads - sites such as CNET for example - but at least you are not likely to get deliberately infected.

But any time you download software, always choose the 'Custom' install method, not the 'Typical' or 'Quick' option. So much 'free' software today is bundled with unwanted software this will save you a lot of time in uninstalling the software you didn't want.

I use Libre office for a couple of things and it works quite well. I might have a look at WPS Office Free as John_C reckons it has very good compatibility with MS Office.