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Several years ago, I purchased an Acer Veriton M2 computer which came with Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office 2007 preinstalled. I use Apache Open Office because it meets all of my needs, and I don't want to pay for Microsoft Office. I want to uninstall the preloaded Microsoft Office from the computer, but I'm not sure that this is as straigntforward as I had hoped. Looking in the Control Panel under Programs and Features there isn't an item listed like "Microsoft Office 2007". Instead, there are a number of programs with Microsoft Office in their names:

2007 Microsoft Office System

Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components

Microsoft Office 2007 Preliminary Interop Assemblies

Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector

Microsoft Office Small Business Connectivity Components

Microsoft Office Suite Activation Assistant

Can I safely Uninstall each of these Programs individually, or can I expect all of them to go away if I Uninstall "2007 Microsoft Office System", for instance?

Thanks for the help.


Warthog-Fan (chug.chug.chug!)

From Microsoft: How to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2007 suites http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928218

Post back if you have any remaining programs to deal with, or if you have any problems! :)