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Hi guys.. I have yet to be able to get my gmail setup with my Outlook 2007 email client with IMAP settings. I get all the way through the setup process and when it comes to time to test settings.... It will never loggin to my gmail... keeps popping up a window wanting me to insert my username (which I know is my actual gmail ex. johndoe@gmail.com) and my password (which I am 200% positive I have the correct one. I use it daily to login to my web gmail account. for whatever reason, it refuses to acknowledge the settings I am imput. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Details Are Listed Below:

OS = Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (I have also tried running the setup using winxp & vista settings with no success)
Email Client = Outlook 2007

Server Information:

Incoming = imap.gmail.com ....... port 993 SSL
Outgoing = smtp.gmail.com ....... port 587 TLS

I have my actual email for user name (ex. johndoe@gmail.com)

My password has been double checked and checked again... I know its correct.. I use it everyday, checking my mail online.

Also in my Gmail settings > IMAP has been ENABLED (still now luck)

Thanks in advanced for your time and efforts!

How are you accessing the setup wizard? Do you already have Outlook set up for another email account, or is this the first email account you are trying to create?

If it's the first account being set up in Outlook, go to Control Panel>Mail, then configure a new profile and try setting it up that way. If you are already using Outlook for another email account and want to add Gmail, in Outlook go to Tools>Account Settings.

This may be helpful. I suspect you may be leaving out a step or two: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/microsoft-office/use-gmail-imap-in-microsoft-outlook-2007/