View Full Version : App not showing in first ten pages on search in android market

I published some apps in android market like funwithabc, colour carnival, etc. But none of my apps are displayed in the first ten pages, when I search the app by using keywords like abc, colour respectively.

what can i do to display my apps in front pages on search? please suggest me...

The search terms work by looking in the app description and title, but are also biased by the number of downloads and ratings.

so from where we can get downloads or how we can make our game at good rank i had just published my game to android for free but downloads are very bad approx 7-8 after two or three days first two or days it was ok approx 70 a day its a free game so i am assuming users cant find my game and hence very low download and this 7-8 downloads are may be from forums where i had posted link or from review site.

sorry if i am unclear i just want to know how i can increase the download of my game

Android doesn't have a keyword section, and putting keywords in the description is against the rules. However you can get creative. If you wrote something like 'better than angry birds' for example, the search 'angry birds' would hit your app - although in that case it would probably be on page 1000 or something lol

Often used words like abc, angry, birds, colour etc will never hit your app first until it has higher downloads and/or ratings that other apps with the same words