View Full Version : Audio running after applicationSuspend

We have just finished a game for both Android and iOS, but are having some trouble with the audio after the homebutton have been pressed.

Naturally, I could use the Audio.pause-function for pausing the audio, but the main problem here is that when the application is suspended (even if no audio is playing) I cannot change the Ringer volume. What happens when I press the volume buttons is that the Media volume changes instead. Is there any way to avoid this in Corona?

For example, I do not experience this with apps like Cows Vs Aliens/WinAmp when pressing the volume buttons when the applications are suspended.

Thank you in advance.

What version of Corona are you currently using?

I have tested with as late as 2011.652. Here it no longer plays the audio file when suspending, but I still cannot change Ringer volume with the application running but suspended, the buttons still changes Media volume.

How did you test with .652 using a test account? (Just want to confirm this is the right version number.)

I had a friend test building since I wanted to know if it could be resolved using a daily build. Unfortunately this did not help. I guess that I would have to get a licence and wait for a daily build to fix this if there is no way for me to properly pause/suspend the audio when suspending the device.

The strange thing is that when I try the same procedure on applications I have created which use no sound att all, I do not experience this problem. But I do experience it when I start the game using audio in "muted mode" and never play any sound files.

I'll look through how I use my sounds and see if I can find anything that might be of importance.