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Now that I have finished Game Center integration, I have been playing around with In App Purchase for about a week and can't get it to work. When I call store.init the transactionCallback that I have specified is not invoked.

There are a set of threads discussing similar issues, and I think I have tried many variations. My tax and bank info is cleared, I built with an AdHoc Provisionng Profile, the app items are cleared for sale (although now pending review as I also uploaded a binary). I read that people reject their own binary, I tried that too, but it didn't help. I start to believe that it must be something very simple that I am missing! :)

What else could it be? Is there a debug guide for this somewhere? I put an alert box in the transactionCallback so that I would see when it get's invoked, but it never does.

Any help or thoughts are much appreciated!

One thing I noticed is that in the Console window in XCode I see this:

Feb 11 13:15:10 unknown wifid[28] : WiFi:[35010.913628]: Client itunesstored is background application

Not sure what that means, and if it has to do anything with it, or could help determine the issue.

Okay, I figured it out and it was a silly mistake, but maybe other can benefit sometime in the future.

I had mistakenly (from a previous test) redefined the init callback further down in the code, and that one got invoked instead of the one I was looking at. cheez... :S

One tip I would give everyone having troubles with In App Purchase is to get it up and running with the InAppDemo sample! Then you know that everything in iTunesConnect is setup correctly. That's how I figured that it must be something in my code - whereas I kept looking at the ITC settings.

Anyway, now back to finishing the IAP! :)

Sorry no one was here to assist earlier - it's Saturday/Sunday (depending on where you are).

Thanks for posting a follow up, I'm sure it will indeed help others in the future :)

Good luck with finishing up IAP!