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Can anyone give me the link to download autocad 2010 full X32Bit and X64 Bit versions as I already have a lincense but just need the installer many thanks.

If you already have a paid license, you can try going to the on-line "Contact Us" feature of the Autodesk store to submit a request for assistance:


hanks I spoke to AutoDesk and they said they no longer offer Version 2010 is there any where else i can get the software legitimately without crackers ect.

Rose: Upon checking.

Rose: We no longer have the download link for Autocad 2010.

You: is there anywhere I can download this safley

Rose: I apologize but we only have a download links from 2012 up to present.

You: Yes I saw that :)

Rose: Here is what I can do for you.

You: it is a case of asking around

Rose: I will provide you a link so you can send a request to receive a copy of a back up CD for Autocad 2010.

Rose: Here is the link.

Rose: Please click here to access the Submitting a Request for Boxed Software.

Rose: Did it open for you?

You: Many thanks

However the package will take up to 3 weeks and need it the weekend can anyone help in this request I have searched the net yet no where seems to have it as a downloadable copy Thanks for your help so far