View Full Version : For Google, Chrome is like the Nexus of web browsers

So, it looks like Google sees Chrome as a way to keep web development moving as fast as possible by competing with other browsers. It makes sense, its hard to innovate if nobody's trying, right?
This reminds me of the Nexus initiative. Google's bussiness isn't hardware, but they needed a way to set an industry standard every year, and that's just what happened after the Nexus One. Two years after that other vendors are (kinda) competing to make the best superphone every year

This is all obviously very true. I must say though that I’ve always been impressed with Google’s persistence, because it took a very very very long to see other browsers even begin to react to the world’s fastest browser.

Of course, MG Siegler points out the most important fact, which is that Firefox is a quarter of all internet users, and therefore the deal was definitely worth it. I still think the deal is more about search than browser support – the reason it cost more is not because of more share, it’s because searchland is more competitive these days.

I’m more impressed with google chrome than any browser ever. No lagging in online games, less of it “just closing out all together” on you, no freezing. I love my chrome. Everyone else always complains when they cant get in games or on apps on facebook. I always leave a comment, “GO GET CHROME, I NEVER HAVE THOSE PROBLEMS!” LOL Google has done an awesome with this browser! Only one I will use now!