View Full Version : Path really taking off?

Yesterday one of my friends told me to make a path. I was surprised he even knew what it was, but after i made one i noticed all my friends were on it. Yesterday a lot of people from my high school made paths. They all say the prefer it to facebook. Will path become to new big social network?
That's the question i thought to myself. I really love the design of the app and the functions. It works well and is well thought out. Unlike facebook that always glitches and has so many bugs. What do you think?

I don’t see it becoming as large as a service like Facebook. But I can see it getting the same popularity as say an app like Instagram.

All my friends are mirgating over in California. Instagram is huge.

It doesn’t have to be. Path is what Facebook should’ve been or rather used to be: connecting friends and family together with everything being private. They don’t data mine and hide messages from me. The mobile app blows Facebook and Google+ out of the water in terms of usability and aesthetics.
Right now Path is #66 on the iOS App Store in free apps which is a great spot to have.

No one in Oklahoma knows or cares about it.