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I've decided to back-up my DVDs onto my hard drive. I can't seem to find a good video converting software that does what I want.
I'm OK with my software that I use for ripping the DVD, and then that gives me the original file, which is usually quite big, several gigabytes.
So I was wondering if anyone knew of a video conversion software that could still give me good quality, so I could watch it on my 13inch laptop, but give me a fairly small size, like around 1GB
Thanks in advance.

I use HandBrake (http://handbrake.fr/), it does a job for me (watching my movies on a 15" screen).

I use it in “universal” format and everything looks as good as iTunes HD rentals even on my 55" screen. I am not sure I could tell the difference between this and the DVD in a “blind” test.
Maybe I should try the Apple TV 2 format for even better resolution but I’m worried that it would not play on my other devices(ipad 2, older ipod, iphone 4s)