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I recently began using two-step verification for my Gmail account, using Google Authenticator for iOS. My question is this: Does the app constantly generate verification codes in the background? And, if so, is this going to affect my battery life much? Or, how exactly is this working behind the scenes?
This is the first time I've used two-step verification, so please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject.
Thanks ahead of time!

Yes, it’s constantly creating new codes. I haven’t noticed it affecting my phones battery life

I thought it was based on time, since the passwords seem to change exactly every minute.

I don’t use iOS, but there is no reason for the app to generate codes in the background. It only needs to do so, when you launch it. My guess is that when it goes to the background, it just sits there idle doing nothing.

I have been using 2 step authentication for over a year now. I use the iPhone app for the codes. I love it, feel much better about my email account security. Recently they ported 2 step authentication over to Google Apps accounts as well.
I have not noticed any drastic changes in battery life. But I have noticed that the code changes every few seconds, even when your app is in the background. Try this, open the app, note the code and check the position of the timer. Close and reopen it after a few seconds (give it enough time to change the code) you will notice, not only the code has changed, but judging by the position of it, the timer was doing its work too
So just make sure I am not wasting any Ah, I kill the app immediately after I am done entering the code. But that just me and my OCDs.
Hope this helps.