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I set up a business page with Google+ the other day, had it validated with a phone call from Google, and the next day I got a call from Google (I think) who wanted a $299 one-time registration fee. He told me that if I didnt pay it, Google's search engine would not pick up my key search words.

Does that mean Google will basically ignore my page when people look for my service?


I doubt this is a Google requested fee. In a brief search I found nothing suggesting it was. I would treat it

as a scam for now..

You may be interested in reading the info in the link below. It is advice from several Google+ users.

Google+: Do's and Don'ts for Small Businesses

Often, doing a search for the phone number you were called from will return others complaining of a scam

or identifying the caller. Try that if you have the number.

Neither I have read anything in ToS about business payment. Verify. Also contact Google staff.

Can you type an example of what's being flagged? I don't recall MS Word 2003 flagging contractions per se.