View Full Version : Windows 8 Double Finger vs Single Finger

So.. why is it that everything in Windows 8 with a horizontal scrollbar is double finger scroll??? Except the home screen... I can do one or the other but consistency of it would be nice.

Is it a setting or is it one of those, "It is what it is..", kind of deals.

Why slide to unlock with a mouse? Why the mix of horizontal and vertical scrolling? Why are buttons buttons sometimes and random bits of text other times?

I think it's because a bunch of different people made it. People who don't really talk to each other. https://hardforum.com/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png

What do you mean?

From the several folks I talked to at Microsoft, this is seriously a problem. It's not so much the people, it's the teams that don't collaborate well with other teams or they are moved from team to team in the middle of a project.

Some people LOVE working for Microsoft. Others like working there but can't stand the politics or some company structure (scoring system for one - that's one of the most hated things at MSFT).

I assume you're talking about a track pad? The Start Screen and Windows Store app will scroll when the mouse is at the edge of the screen, it's up to the app to implement this behavior and not built-in the Modern UI.