View Full Version : Any experience with malware/virus seth.avazutracking.net?

Hello, I have got this pop up web page saying I might have won an iphone.. blah, blah, etc. It's in Czech. The address is http://weekly-gadget-winner.net/pro...d=OTc4OWF2|rgid=YXp1MTA5&coun=cz&prod=iphone5 (http://weekly-gadget-winner.net/product/pages/page.php?url=http://seth.avazutracking.net/tracking/redirect/redirect.php?id=5552848%7Ckw=ams1CMGf9pWys96WQBACG Lruoo_B8qGUFSIMNzguNDUuMjU0LjExKAE.%7Cvurl=962658% 7Cczid=YXZhenU1NTUyODQ4MQ==%7Cusrid=OTc4OWF2%7Crgi d=YXp1MTA5&coun=cz&prod=iphone5)
I have googled "seth.avazutracking.net" and some links say it is a virus but all the sites mentioning how to remove it are highly suspicious so I am not sure what to do. I am running SuperAntispyware and Spybot and trying to clean the system.
Does any of you have any experience about this trojan? I did not find any discussion about it anywhere.

I would recommend:

1. Install and run ccleaner
2. Install and run malwarebytes (make sure to update definitions)
3. Download and run tdsskiller

After doing what ewb302 has recommended, you could also use the winhelp2002 hosts file: http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.txt

Also, I could be wrong but I believe the effectiveness of Spybot S&D has dropped dramatically over the last few years, so it may not be worth having it installed.

Spybot S&D just released a new version not long ago.

They are still updating detections and whatnot as well.

If for nothing else, I would still use it for the "immunization"

Thank you guys, I have done the 3 steps mentioned above and will see if that popup page appears again or not