View Full Version : Windows 8... Worth upgrading from Windows 7?

Just a general inquiry. I'm running windows 7 right now on a custom built PC myself. I mostly do light gaming and general multimedia and Internet use on my computer. Would windows 8 be any benefit to me? I've heard it's more catered for touch screens, and from the looks of it, it seems that way. I'm perfectly happy with windows 7 right now, but by common nature I like being in current software.

Does anyone that has upgraded to windows 8 have any input or any suggestions on what I should look at?

Unless you can get it for free, no, I wouldn't bother upgrading.

You could always try it first to see if you like it. I'm sure every Best Buy and office supply store has demos running. You could always try the free preview/s?

I tried it and wasn't impressed. Didn't really seem to offer much to me anyway.

Here is link to where you can download the preview, not sure if you can use it for more than a quick trial though...