View Full Version : Need help from any Windows RT tablet owners

am currently looking at getting a tablet. I would like to do a Windows 8 or Windows RT tablet, but I first need to confirm something.

I am leaning towards RT due to the tablets being lighter and a bit smaller vs 8 tablets based on Atom cpus. The tablet will be used for email and internet and some work with Word, so the performance of arm based tablets is enough to do that. I was able to get my hands on an Asus RT tablet and it felt like it could handle those tasks just fine, but I'm leaning towards a Surface due to things like the kickstand (that is actually a big plus in this case since it would be used in that position frequently)

My main problem is that the tablet must be able to access a certain website that uses flash. This one point could force me into an x86 based Windows 8 tablet. I happen to use security camera hardware from Logitech that offers remote interaction via a flash based website.

know that Windows RT does support flash in IE, but only based on a whitelist that MS maintains. I checked that list and the Logitech site is not listed. When I got my hands on the Asus RT tablet at a store, I tried to load the page and it failed. However, I discovered that there is a registry change that allows you to individually add a website to the whitelist, making use of a debug key. Unfortunately, I cant try that on a demo unit at a store, so I have no other choice but to try and reach anyone that owns one to actually try the work around and then the site.

The site is: alert.logitech.com

My Surface hasn't arrived, yet, but whenever it does I can give it a try.

I've added a site to the whitelist before on the surface and it loaded flash fine. I followed the directions from a thread on xda-developer forums: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1961793

Thanks for the offers to help.

I am leaning towards the site working once its added, I would just like to be sure before dropping several hundred dollars on a tablet.