View Full Version : Will I have to reformat?

I have a laptop running Windows 7.

When you click on a google search result, it always redirects to an unrelated page; usually an advertisment.

I believe this is malware and I have no idea how to fix it outsdie of reformatting.

I know MS security essentials isn't the best, but I ran scans and nothing turned up.

Reformatting would definitely take care of the problem, but I don't think you will have to.

First thing I'd do: change your antivirus. I use Avast with good success, and it is also free. Run a full scan.

What browser are you using?

If you have what I think you have, reformatting will not real help at all. Download and run TDSSKiller to see if you have a rootkit. Also, boot of a CD like an ERD and access the Disk Management section.

It is possible that you have a rootkit installed in a hidden partition that was set to active. It is usually a tiny partition at the end of the drive about 8MB is size or so. You will need to delete that partition and set the 100MB partition at the beginning of the drive to active.

If you do not have that 100MB partition, make your primary OS partition active. Also, use Hijackthis and run full antimalware scan with Malwarebytes in safemode. Then look in your scheduled tasks folder to see if there is anything in there.

I clean up nearly a thousand or so computers a year of infections working for the company I work for. I have to redo an infected computer maybe 2% of the time. Hope this helps.