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Just recently I encountered an annoying little problem. Any JPG/PNG on my computer takes forever to open with the built in windows picture and fax viewer. It used to take like a second for a wallpaper to open, but now, it sometimes takes 15 seconds. I just sits at the "generating preview..." and bleh.

I tried searching around and the onlything I found was to defrag the HD, well i did that and its still pooched.

bump^ nobody?

large *.jpg's take a rediculous time to load... *.png's will *always* take a moment or two b/c they are compressed... so each time you access them the comp has to decompress 'em before it can do any displaying.

however... if you're seeing times of over like a full minute or something truly obnoxious... then there is indeed a problem... the fix most likely involves upgrading or o/cing depending on how much fun you want to have and how much $$$ you want to spend https://hardforum.com/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png