View Full Version : Am I too old to be considered by employers for Junior Graphic Design positions?

I have been applying for a few junior Graphic Design positions in the UK and I am concerned that my age will put employers off me. I am 32, and I feel my age will go against me when I apply for these roles. Do you think this is true ? Thanks

From previous experience from what I have seen within the workplace, I think that some employers may wonder how long you could survive on a Junior wage packet. But saying that everyone is different and may not think in the same way. Also I don't think you have to put your age on your CV anyway, I know that if you where introduced by an agency that they wouldn't reveal your age to keep things fair.

Yes that is a good idea to not put my date of birth on my CV. But then again I'm not sure if you are supposed to put your date of birth on a CV as a rule. Yes I can see what you are saying about someone of my age surviving on a junior salary. I suppose if you want some thing as badly as I do you will sacrifice anything for it. I will sacrifice nights outs and expensive clothes to live off a junior salary if it means I get my dream job. Thanks Rockfish.

I think the companies within the creative industry that would consider a 32 year old too old to be a junior are the same ones who are in china white snorting coke with kate moss on a friday night so I doubt we need to worry about what they think.