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Hi All,

Im really strugling to work out how to keep small text looking sharp on the web. If you look on my website festivalnet (http://festivalnet.co.uk/) at the logo in the top left area the 'The UKs music festival and live events service directory' looks a little blurred to me.

I designed the logo in photoshop with a commercial font called museo slab and i made sure i anti aliased the text.

Am i missing something?

Thanks for any pointers

On my MBP screen it looks ok but I'll check again on my HD monitor at work. At that size its only going to be as sharp as your screens resolution.

The only alternative would be to produce it as a vector in illustrator.

Thanks big dave, id actually just changed the font to arial and it seemed to help maybe a better example would be the text on the left side in my twitter background here festivalnet.co.uk (festivalnetUK) on Twitter (http://twitter.com/festivalnetUK)

I really should start to learn illustrator, i just thought that text is vector in photoshop...? am i wrong.


From what I can see from the twitter background you have exported to jpeg and used too much optimisation, try reducing the optimisation settings (although this will give you a larger file size).

The image mentioned on your website looks perfect to me.

Text in Photoshop is vector but when exporting to .gif or .jpeg for use on websites the text is rasterised.